For any new guests to the Pickaparty world, we want to first give a warm welcome from the owners - married couple Carla & Graham - and from the Pickaparty community! We are a family-owned business out of Los Angeles that focusses on daily live sales that offer a safe space to heal your inner child and a heavy emphasis on trading so that everyone leaves happy.


A lot of the items on our website have a luck-based component built in, in the form of being in blind bags; an industry standard in the toy world of not knowing what will be inside until you purchase and open the bag - which can be frustrating and expensive. What we offer here at Pickaparty is the ability to open your items live and if you would like to trade it, you can!

You can offer your item up for trade due to: wanting a different style, having a duplicate or simply wanting to help someone else who is seeking to complete their collection! Whatever the reason, this trading format is simple, free and community-focussed, helping you get more value for your money and bringing more positivity into the world!

As long as you have an order open with us, you have the ability to orchestrate a trade with a partner through our Discord channel or even at the moment your order is opened live during our TikTok sales - just let us know in the chat! At any given time we have dozens of orders open, giving you a fair shot of finding someone to trade with!


We know from experience that life can be a challenging thing to deal with at times and some poeple grew up with challenges that deprived them of simple pleasures like access to toys and meaningful connections. Here at Pickaparty we aim to help heal our inner child by providing comfort in the form of toys and sharing that feeling with our welcoming community.

If it is difficult to find people that you relate to or struggle freely being your true self, then our TikTok live series and Discord channel are a great place to find joy and meaningful connection. Our community is filled with welcoming, friendly and accepting people who all want to spread a little more positivity in life. Feel free to introduce yourself in the chat!


Pickaparty is all about: staying positive, overcoming obstacles, finding purpose, cultivating inner peace, having fun, finding connection and maintaining a healthy work/ life balance. But this wasn't always the case for us. Both Carla and Graham have been through a lot to get to this point, struggling with: self esteem, mental health, failures and relationship problems.

What we promote here is a look into the ways that we overcame these issues and offering advice to anyone who is currently going through similar problems. We often have TikTok live sessions where we tell stories from our past and help guide anyone by offering life advice so that they too can find more joy in life.

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have regarding these topics during our next TikTok live over @Pickaparty. 


A lot of times in life we are told of our limitations in life - what we can and can't do. It is easy for us to feel like certain life goals are impossible. At Pickaparty we want to provide an example of a self-supported business that has been able to be successful, flourish and be an example that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and accept yourself exactly how you are.

Carla has ADHD - a condition that many medical professionals would be quick to limit what is possible career-wise for her, especially a toy business that has a huge of things to keep track of. We want to show people that it's not about changing yourself, it's about finding what works for you.

We want to be a constant reminder that you should always strive towards any goals that you have in life - no matter how big - and that anything is possible!

With new items arriving every week, there is always something new to look forward to here at Pickaparty! Join our live sales on TikTok: @pickaparty and our community of toy lovers on Discord: Pickaparty.

Carla & Graham