How does trading work?

Trades can be done during live sales or packing lives. We usually have dozens of opens orders at any given time, which gives you a great opportunity to trade any blind items that you do not like or simply have duplicates of. If you would like to put any items up for trade you can let Carla know during the live streams or you can find a trade partner in our Discord channel. You can do a straight swap (two people swapping items that have been mutually agreed upon) or you can have somebody buy the item at the same cost, allowing you to open another blind bag of the same type. Please make sure to only trade with people who are optioning their item(s) for trade. We discourage persuading others to trade as we don't want anyone in the community to feel pressured. Thank you!

When do you ship out orders?

Any orders purchased only through the website will be shipped out on the subsequent Wednesday or Friday.

Any orders purchased during a TikTok live sale can be left open for up to 14 days. To close your order and have it shipped, a shipping label must first be purchased from this website plus as message notifying us of your desire to close and ship. You can be added to the shipping list by letting is know in our Discord channel!

We ship out requested orders every Wednesday and Friday afternoons during a TikTok live session so you can review your items while they are being packed. 

Do you pack orders on TikTok live?

We usually pack orders that were placed during a live sale on a TikTok live. We pack on live so that we can: review your order to make sure everything is included, make final trades and offer a last chance to purchase additional items. If you would like to be added to the week's shipping list please notify us in our Discord channel.

How does the shipping label work?

If you are purchasing items during our TikTok lives, a shipping label will be required to get your goodies to you. You can find the shipping label here on this site. The price of the shipping label is listed as $0.01, this is just so you have a place to fill out the address. When the shipping has been calculated, you will be charged the appropriate amount based on your location. You can view the label here.

Please be sure to get your label as soon as you make your first purchase! It is better to do it sooner rather than later. It is good for us to have your address just in case you forget about your order - we can still get your goodies to you! :)

When do you sell at the Paramount Swap Meet?

We go to the Swap Meet every weekend. On Saturdays we are on space K53 and on Sundays it's M28. We can't bring everything we have on the website, but we do bring a large portion of our collection, so there are plenty of things to look at. Graham also offers face painting for any little ones that want to come by.

Do you do local pickup for orders?

Yes! You can pick up any orders at the Paramount Swap Meet. Let us know via a message or on Discord before the weekend if you would like to schedule a pickup! You can also meet us in person! We are at the events from 8am-3pm.

Please bear in mind that we have limited space in our car and if you request a pickup, you must collect that same day.

How often do you get new items?

We are constantly looking for new and exciting things to stock our store, and new items are usually to be expected weekly. Any new items will be shown first on our live sales, then added to the website shortly after. If you have any suggestions about items that you would like us to get, please feel free to let us know via a message @pickaparty@outlook.com or in the Discord 'Suggestions' channel.

How long can I keep my order open for?

You can leave orders you purchased during a live sale open for 14 days. Once opened, you have the ability to then add to the order during any subsequent live sales up until you would like to have everything shipped at once. You can notify us in the Discord channel when you want your order closed and shipped. Before shipping, you have the option to trade any items in your order. We might send you a message to remind you of your open order if it has been a while or if your order has grown very large. Be aware that we are a small business and have limited space to store your order so orders will be shipped as-is after 14 days.

What does subscribing on TikTok do?

Subscribing on TikTok is another way to support our small business and details can be found on the TikTok app. In addition to this you will: gain access to our exclusive emotes that can be used anytime in the chat, obtain the nameplate 'CUTIE' next to your username, gain access to sub-exclusive sales (subscribers will have first dibs on lmited editon items), be auto-entered into sub givaways (every subscriber landmark we meet, we play games to givaway blindbags for free!)

Do you have to open my items during TikTok live sales?

No, you can have them put in your order closed! When you purchase something during our TikTok live sales, they will be opened automatically unless specified otherwise - simply tell us in the chat that you want the items to reamain closed. Most people want their items opened immediately on live so that they: know what they get, can see if they got duplicates, enter into trading and simply because it is entertaining for our viewers to watch!

What happens if there is a problem with my order?

We are a small business that is only run by two people and there is usually a huge amount of open orders to keep track of - mistakes are very rare but can happen. Due to the small size of the items we carry, it is possible for items to be misplaced or put into others orders that have the same first name, for example. If you receive your items and notice that something is missing or you have a toy that belongs to someone else, send us a message and we will get back to you right away with a solution. We are happy to replace or refund any items that missing. We suggest that you keep a list of every item you add to your order so that you can be certain that everything is included.